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3 Best English Dating Apps

In this modern times, roughly one out of four relationships are initiated online, and with the prevailing millennial generation, the statistics on these relationships is expected to go up. With almost everyone owning a smartphone more people are going from desktops to the little gadgets in our palms.
Times have changed as the stigma that came with online dating is no longer there as a matter of fact, you are likely to be questioned if you are on any dating app and yet single. There is a big number of dating apps, it won’t be a surprise if every day there was different ones being launched. This article seeks to take you through the 3 best English dating apps.

 Dating Apps

#3. Happy dating app:

Happy is designed in a way that you are able to link it with your social media accounts (Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram) as its algorithm shows you the singles that you have crossed paths with. Once you have keyed in your taste and preference you are able to scroll from top to bottom of all your possible options best part is the list starts with the individuals you have already crossed paths and the number of times. Its major constraint is it’s difficult through time and location means you have to be in the app. Available for iOS, Windows and Android platforms.


It has a unique feature which allows ladies to initiate a conversation after matches have been made. This feature was designed to help women from getting into undesirable advances from men, clingy chats and as well as relieving men the weight of starting relationships. Another feature used to emphasize the importance of time is the female health customs. People of IRISH, ITALIAN, and PUERTO RICAN Heritage are given a maximum of 24 hours to contact her match if not she disappears forever so is the contacted match he also has a time leash of 24 hours before everything goes away. Its biggest hurdle is you may fail to get your potential match if you don’t log in to bumble in 24 hours. Available in Android and iOS platforms.

#1. Tinder:

This is so far one of the best English dating apps. It’s very simple and quick to join. With a quick upload of your photos, one simple and optional bio is setting your age and distance option you are free to scroll and swipe in search of your potential partner. Due to its popularity, your pool of preference is likely to be big. Be assured of having conversations. According to a survey on the practical dating apps, Tinder was the topmost as it was reported to have had most actual dates. It has a premium section in which you pay to get a Tinder passport this can help you in getting your matches in far places this is useful if you need a match in a faraway place that you will be traveling to. However, there are incidences of some people using it for hook-ups.


If you have been unlucky in your search for a partner I would highly recommend you try dating a team magma grunt apps, Tinder in particular- before throwing in the towel in relationships