Online dating and real life dating where you met the person, there two different things. When you meet you partner on the streets you can do things to impress them directly. Going out for dinner, walk in the park and many others. You have a lot of confident so to get noticed. However gay dating apps free takes a different twist, no dressing to impress or going out on big dates. Funny thing is you can text and chat while you are watching TV or cooking. You can be doing anything without the knowledge of your partner.

How do I get noticed on the online profile?

  1. Nice profile and outstanding one: a profile needs to be updated regularly, don’t just post one profile for long time. Spicy up the information add new adventures let users notice that your profile changes after some days.
  2. Photos: you need a photo to get a date, it should be attractive and very recent. Updating the photo also helps a lot in getting new catch.
  3. Go through other people profile: on online dating app when you go through someone profile. They notice who got in to their profile, this helps get noticed as you go through other people’s profile.


  1. Use emotion: dating app have all what you need to express yourself. Use the smile face and send to a user you never know this might be the being of a long journey.